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Shounen Club - 2008.02.03
Shounen Club - 2008.02.03 (Special Guest Yokoyama Yu from Kanjani 8) on SS, I am still uploading the MU files for those who cant use SS.

SendSpace | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 | each file 180MB
MegaUpload | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 | each file 180MB
MediaFire | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 || 006 || 007 || 008 | each file 98 MB

***Need HJSplit to Join the files

To everyone who commented you are most welcomed and thank you very much for commenting ^^. Also Im uploading the perfs in parts for people who cannot download the file. They are all being uploaded onto MediaFire.

SC 2008.02.03

Dreamin Blood - 56.8 MB <- Opening with everyone in it
Medley (Johnny's Juniors - no KMF2, ABC or Question?) - 84.1 MB <- This has Hasshi, Kamei, Sanada in it with two MAD members and a Kansai Jr.
Real Face - 35.9 MB <- By the chibies
Mezamero! Yasei (Question?) - 33.4 MB
Junior League - 96.3 MB <- K8 song intro with PR (Yabu, Kawai, Tsukada, Tamamori, Yodo) and DB (Hikaru, Goseki, Totsu, Miyata, Daisuke)
Confusion (Yokoyama) - 66.5 MB
Junior ni Q - 77.1 MB
Star Time (Hey!Say!JUMP) - 53.9 MB <- Inoo plays the piano in this one
Mugendai - 61.6 MB <- All Juniors and Yokoyama

Thanks for the full ep <3 :D

Will wait for the MU links since SS hates me, but thank you for upping the full ep!

I'm slowly working my way thru since SS hates me too. *sheepish* Thanks for uploading the whole ep.

oh thanks for shring, shall wiat for MU link! ^^b

arigatouu~~!! gonna d/l them later... lolzz..

Yay! Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much.<3 I will waiting for the MU Links ne.

Omg thank you so much for uploading this~! ^^

SENPAI! I miss you~ Why aren't you around much anymore? :(

I was out of town for a while cauz my uncle past away. Sry I should have left a message, gomen. Whats up with you?

thank you so much for sharing ♥

i'm waiting for MU, but thank you veeeeeeeery much in advance ^^

can you please upload it on MF (mediafire)? since i can't use MU and SS hates me T__T

thanks for sharing though ^^

Ill try because its kinda huge and MF only allows 100 MB. But Ill definitely try though dunno how long it will take.

wa thanks !
i'll wait till the MU complete xD
xD i cant dl from SS TT_TT


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