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V.Dub Tutorial =D
Virtual Dub can do a lot of things, one is basically putting files together, like getting a full ep of Shounen Club.

Open up Virtual Dub and follow the steps below to append SC parts.

Under File, click Open video file and choose SC Part 1

Once loaded under File, click Append and choose SC Part 2

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 3

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 4

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 5

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 6

Once you get all the files selected, under Video, select Direct stream Copy (this will save space on you comp)

Then under File, click Save as AVI

Name it accordingly (I usually save mine as Shounen Club - (date) - Theme (theme) or with SC - (date) - (theme) - Guest (guests); Long but descriptive) and you done. V Dub will save the full file and when you click on the file in your directory, look to see if its 700 MB and up, usually SC is around 700 MB but can go higher. If its really low then it means you missed a part when appending and you'll have to do it again.

Hope this is helpful to you guys.

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SENPAI! I was wondering where you are..
How did you like SC? It wasn't THAT great, but Yokoo was looking super awesome! ♥

OH OH senpai! I forgot to say I found a picture of Bunichi in my magazine! I was so happy to see it, and even more happy I recognized him! :DD

(I'm so random XD)

haha see now you know them ^.^, Yokoo was really cute in the new SC, absolutely loved him =). It was really good, I love Kanjani 8 and it was really good to see them, but I wish all 7 came, would have been even more funnier. I always thought Yamapi was a bad judge but omg Subaru is even worse =D. He kept picking on Hikaru and Yasuda. And Yabu was so adorable! But you gotta love Totsu the most =D. Cant wait to watch the next one.

I DO KNOW THEM AND I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!! :DDDDDD (I wanna cut that pic out and put it somewhere nice..but I dunno where XD)
I turned into a big eito fan myself recently. You're right though, the others were really missing..AND BARU LOL. I kept laughing at him!! Esp the faces he would make after Yabu said something XDDD
I can't wait for the next one either! But I sure hope there will be more new stuff. Very little amount of Junior groups= very little to show.

Yea dont like HSJ running the show >.>, if it were only Yabu and Hikaru I probably wouldnt say much, but yea =D. And omg NO SHOON in this one >.>. Its sad how they cant even put him with the other Juniors. I would like to see the kansai juniors also =), I hope there'll be a kansai ep again ^.^

I don't like it either..But what can we do? *sigh*
And the fact that Shoon wasn't there, WTH?? Where was he?! DOES JE REALLY WANT ME TO KICK THEIR ASS?? Unless they have some really big thing planned for Shoon and that's why he didn't come- I'm seriously going to kick some ass.
Yeah, I hope for a Kansai episode too because I want to see how many I can spot now xDDD

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