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Shounen Club - 2007.12.23 - Christmas Special
JJE1 Fuka
Full Shounen Club Christmas Special on MU.

001  ||  002  ||  003  ||  004  |

This one doesnt have any type of ending like last years and it seems to be missing a part. But this is how I downloaded it from CB and every CB only has 4 parts.

*EDIT* Here's the ending to Xmas SP

If your a new fan looking for some mp3 rips check out this post.



Full SC with Ending on SendSpace
| 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 |

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Does it end with Taipi holding a gift or something? ['Cause that's the end of it. I watched this on tv. :));]

Anyway, I'm taking it, thanks :D

and Happy Christmas to you! :D

yea I know I watched the whole thing on TV but every CB only has 4 parts. Someone forgot to upload the ending >.>

Aw, I really wanted the ending, Taipi looked so adorable there! 3:

He had so much energy and looked happy, weird that he's still wearing a Ya3 costume though. . Eh. .

merry christmas to you too!
and thanks for the DL

Thanks for upload XD
And Meri Kurimasu XD

Thank u


Merry christmas!!!

Senpai senpai!
It ended really weird! Like, no ending at all xD
Just Kanjani and then poof! Nothing!
WTH is up with that? D:

SENGA ♥ !!!

Yea whoever recorded it forgot the ending =(, I saw the ending and when I saw it wasnt there I was like WTH #*(&$(%#$)@, it had a really cute ending.

I hope I get to see it eventually..

Takizawa's Project was AMAZING!!! OMG YAMAMOTO LOOKED SO CUTE AND HAMANAKA!!! Love the boys...Tsuka-chan and Sen-chan were so kawai. Big thumbs up to Yara, he is absolutely amazing, and his talent in dance and choreography rockz!

Btw I did up the wiki page for MAD =D, go check it out Johnny's along with other stuff =P


Actually there is a part 5. You can see it at this gogobox:

Direct link to the file here:

It has Toma and Hey!Say!JUMP! and probably the ending too. :)

Omg thank you I have been looking for this EVERYWHERE! Thank you so much ^.^

hi. i stumbled on your lj trying to find the last part of shokura. will you be uploading part 5 as well? i tried downloading from that gogobox link above, but it didn't work for me =X
thank you in advance!

yup im uploading it right now and I have to re-up the split files.

thank you soo much!!

yay! taking the fifth part!
thank you!!

thanks~ i grabbed all 5 parts. i appreciate it ^_^ i also went and checked out the MAD wiki page. i always wanted to know a little more about them and what they do. i was seriously confused with their members but they seem to come and go randomly.

it's nice to find a junior fan. i was wondering if you wouldn't mind being friends =D

thank you..ehh..just wondering can you upload to divshare?cause mu doesnt work for me>.

Im uploading them to Divshare should have them up by tom ^.^

I love you so much for the ending! XD
Gogobox is evil to me.
Thanks a bunch! ♥

thanks for the ending <333
Merry Xmas to you ^^

Thanks for sharing & happy christmas ^_^

Thank you~! I took the last part xD

YAY! I stop coming to lj for a while...T-T and look at what i missed T-T well anyways, ^^ thanks a bunch for uploading thing I took the MU ones, since sendspace...well hates me. But anyways thanks again.

OMG! thanks soo much I was looking for this!! cuz actually this is hw i got to know JE :P so i was looking D: ... btw hw can i join the parts :/ im sorry but im new when it come to join dowloads... once i download a part but it gave error when i wanted to play it :/ ... but thanks soo much again

This is the best christmas special I have ever seen on TV and on VHS! This christmas has handful of special guest stars who are really great peoplemoncler jackets. Pee-wee was hilarious and all the other characters in the playhouse were also funny. Pee-wee Herman is the funniest guy in the world and I wish he could come back and make brand new Pee-wee movies and bring back Pee-wee's Playhouse on the air againmoncler.

im sorry. but the links are not working is it possible to reup the links or repair them? thank you!

im sorry but the file is not available on sendspace anymore was it taken down.

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