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This Journal is now Friends Only, comment to be added.
-> If your looking for my downloads, check out the downloads tag, entries are not locked.
-> If your looking for my graphics, check out the graphics tag, entries are not locked.
-> Being a Kisumai, MAD or K.K.Kity fan is a major bonus, but I'm an all rounder so its not an issue which unit you like.
-> I'm a anime and j-drama fan too ^.^, usually being a Gundam fan scores high =D. Lineage 2 player is a MEGA bonus.
-> I don't tolerate bashing of any JE units, we are all fans of units under the same agency, if they can be friends with each other then so can we.
-> Please do not add me without commenting, a simple "add me because I'm a huge _____ fan" would be great.
-> A couple of comments would be appreciated, I really do not like strangers on my f-list. Ofcourse I will do the same in return ^__^.
-> Add only if your actually going to converse with me, and not just find out what I rant about ^_^.

could you please add me back? thanks :D

Nice to find a fellow Junior fan. :)

It's awesome that you have all the downloads unlocked (THANK YOU), but I'd love to see everything else, too. :)

I don't have all that much to offer in return, except crappy fancams from this fall's Junior Con. And Nikaido (and some other Kisumai members) shop photos, but those aren't locked.

^.^ I usually keep media unlocked =) makes no sense to lock them =D....added back ^_^

hi~ i add you ^O^ thanks for saying me that you're uploading kisumai's stuff *^_^* it's really hard to find anything with them!! thanks a lot!! ^^

a journal where i can find's really hard to find stuff of them TT________TT
i hope you will add me back...

(Deleted comment)
added ^.^ Senga is most clueless junior ever =D

(Deleted comment)
think you can add me i read your interests list and hope you dont mind me adding you.

Hihihihi! What's your email?
So I can tell you about the Kis-My-Ft2 clippings :D
Do you want the January clippings? And, I will only be sending them to you when I get Myojo and Popolo cause I already have Duet, Potato and Winkup :D Yup, so when I have the price for postage, etc. I'll email you alright? :D

Hehe I added you already, email's, nick's Anin. Yea Ill take the jan ones =D, when you get them all email me ^.^.


thanx for adding me....hope we can be a good friend...
u still really love kisumai is it??
me...i will never stop supporting them no matter what

where is jon-chan???
i was hoping to be friend with all of u...the asianfanatics member....

Jon-chan is nya16 ^.^, she is the only one I have from AF forum.

hi, stumbled on your lj from offstyle's question post. nice bio you wrote there xD.

like your lj ;) may i add you??^^

Hey, could you add me because I recently found Kis-my-ft.2 and have gotten hooked. It'd be awesome 'cause I don't know anyone else who likes them. :[

ne....i beg your pardon..

i`m not just like them..
i`m crazy for them..
its just now in my page..i want to focus on d-boys intro..
then there will kismyft2 turn....

both i love so much..
we can be friend too..

if u want...^_^

may i know your real name..??

and what do you think of all the fanfics bout yaoi stuff..i mean..boys love...

Re: ne relient-san...

Anindita or Anin...hmm I'm not against it nor am I for it =).

eh? the downloads are unlocked xD you are too nice ^^

i really want to be friend everyone who have the same interest like me (should i say obsessed to Johnny's boys? lol~) so i hope you can add me back~ i already added you ^^


(Deleted comment)
hello!! ^^
I'm so happy to see another JE fan here
though I'm not a big fan of JE, but I still like them
and I enjoy watching shokura

that's why I'm so happy that you uploaded some full episodes here

I hope you don't mind me adding you
and it will be greater if you would add me back ^^

Hello, I'm a french new fan of Kisumai. I would be thankful if you could add me, so that I can become fan of KKKitty and MAD too ^^

I'm also a great fan of JE!
I have added you as my friend, all I will be very glad if you can add me back..

Thanks so much ^^

added >< forgot to comment, gomen

hi ^^~ I've just come across ur LJ ^____^ It looks really cool, my favorite color, can I be ur friend ^^? I'm a Kisumai-addicted & now best 3 of my dream boys r: Ryo Nishikido, Fujigaya Taisuke & Ryosuke Yamada ^^~
Nice to meet you ^__________^

Hi! I was looking for Ya-ya-yah downloads and I found your LJ.
Thanks so much for those btw. Can I friend you? ♥

hiya hope you don't mind me adding you!
i'm a big JE fan too^^

//will spazz for Kisumai//

*points at icon* Kisumai //as you might have noticed// is my favourite!! love themXDD

i'm pam~

i was looking for mp3's and i found your journal~
i also feel like it's rude if i ask for your downloads without even saying anything to you^^
i hope you can add me back^^


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