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Shounen Club - 2008.02.03
Shounen Club - 2008.02.03 (Special Guest Yokoyama Yu from Kanjani 8) on SS, I am still uploading the MU files for those who cant use SS.

SendSpace | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 | each file 180MB
MegaUpload | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 | each file 180MB
MediaFire | 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 || 006 || 007 || 008 | each file 98 MB

***Need HJSplit to Join the files

To everyone who commented you are most welcomed and thank you very much for commenting ^^. Also Im uploading the perfs in parts for people who cannot download the file. They are all being uploaded onto MediaFire.

SC 2008.02.03

Dreamin Blood - 56.8 MB <- Opening with everyone in it
Medley (Johnny's Juniors - no KMF2, ABC or Question?) - 84.1 MB <- This has Hasshi, Kamei, Sanada in it with two MAD members and a Kansai Jr.
Real Face - 35.9 MB <- By the chibies
Mezamero! Yasei (Question?) - 33.4 MB
Junior League - 96.3 MB <- K8 song intro with PR (Yabu, Kawai, Tsukada, Tamamori, Yodo) and DB (Hikaru, Goseki, Totsu, Miyata, Daisuke)
Confusion (Yokoyama) - 66.5 MB
Junior ni Q - 77.1 MB
Star Time (Hey!Say!JUMP) - 53.9 MB <- Inoo plays the piano in this one
Mugendai - 61.6 MB <- All Juniors and Yokoyama

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Thanks for the full ep <3 :D

Will wait for the MU links since SS hates me, but thank you for upping the full ep!

I'm slowly working my way thru since SS hates me too. *sheepish* Thanks for uploading the whole ep.

oh thanks for shring, shall wiat for MU link! ^^b

arigatouu~~!! gonna d/l them later... lolzz..

Yay! Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much.<3 I will waiting for the MU Links ne.

Omg thank you so much for uploading this~! ^^

SENPAI! I miss you~ Why aren't you around much anymore? :(

I was out of town for a while cauz my uncle past away. Sry I should have left a message, gomen. Whats up with you?

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?

Yea, kinda, life goes on I guess which is cruel. Im actually the lucky one cauz my sister went to visit my aunt and uncle with my mom, so she met him when he was sick. Me, all I have is happy memories of him when we went to visit some yrs ago. Im sad for my aunt more cauz now she is all alone, and also because she has lost two brothers already and now she lost her husband. I feel like she's all alone cauz she's in India by herself and her son's in London, while the rest of her siblings are in US. I dunno really Im kinda trying not to think about it too much >_<.

If you don't want to think about it I promise not to say anything anymore, just I hope that you will all feel better especially your aunt!

thank you so much for sharing ♥

i'm waiting for MU, but thank you veeeeeeeery much in advance ^^

can you please upload it on MF (mediafire)? since i can't use MU and SS hates me T__T

thanks for sharing though ^^

Ill try because its kinda huge and MF only allows 100 MB. But Ill definitely try though dunno how long it will take.

i don't mind waiting ^^

thank a lot~

yay! +goes off to download the file+

thanks a lot ^^

and mind if i add you?

wa thanks !
i'll wait till the MU complete xD
xD i cant dl from SS TT_TT

Taking Mu links.
Thank you !!

thnx for the Shokura episode.=D ive been looking forward to watching this one thnx =] ill be slowing dl the SS one's

thank you~ *_* :D

i love full eps *^_^*

Biconne u PWN the world!<3
thank u for this *gives u cookies*

I love you! Thanks!!!!

Thanks for uploading the parts! I'll be snagging a few of them later~

Thank you very much for sharing. Will be taking a few of the performances.

Uwaaa! Thanks! :D I should seriously remember to record Shokura ;___;

Downloaded the full ep; thanks ^.^

Thanks for the upload!! I've been looking for the whole file since all the others I've found were in parts. Eee, can't wait to see it! :D

thanks.. u dunno how grateful I am..
Im gonna be not able to download for the rest of the month...
i wasnt too ecstatic about someone uploading SC this mth


thank you XD
can't wait to see inoo's piano solo

Thank you so much for uploading the full episode!!
I've been looking for this since last month >_<
I'm so glad that I can find the episode in DDL.. xD

thank you! i couldn't download the full ep cos the MF links are dead, but still snagging the parts that i don't have XD thanks for having a separate sectioning of the different parts of the ep!

arigatou! taking full ep!

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