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Kisumai Graphics
Kisumai Graphics Post. Please follow all the rules. My resources can be found here.

Whats here?

23 Icons
7 200 x 100 Siggies
4 FO Banners
2 Headers
8 I have no clue 300 x 300

My Rules...

- Credits are a must, like I credit my resources I would like my work credited also. None of them are watermarked but seriously its kinda gay if I have to do that.
- Credit me [info]biconne or Relient if used on forums and such
- Don't claim them as yours.
- No hot linking or stuff like that, ask before you do it.
- Comments are loved and appreciated, it tells me if this is even worth posting =)
- If you use a header on your journal or the 300x300's, then you can modify them by adding text. If you'd like me to do it just ask.

My Credits for this post...

- luma_chan</lj> for kisumai papa pics, thanx a lot for sharing them.
- cold_jade</lj> for November and December Kisumai scans
- goro_chan</lj> for lyrics and translations.
- Just Addiction Forum for Popolo kisumai scans, especially sandy_luv for the November WU scans <3


800 x 400

800 x 400

The 8 I have no clue what 300 x 300, the only purpose I found for them was on my profile page =D

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I was like...I hope theres a group icon~ When I saw this on my flist..and there is and I think I'm going to take it. ^^ All of though is freaking awsome~ ^^

....stupid internet on my computer being dumb..its so cold in the basement I'm shivering a little. >

thank for sharing all those good pics
KMF2 subarashii ne^^


Love your stuff, as usual^^
Hmmmmmm~ I think I'm gonna change my layout, then grab a FO banner =D
The last one, I think.

Here's what I'm stealing: both headers, cuz you never know when you'll need them, and the Taisuke profile-thingy~ Thank you! <3 So how's things going? :)

8OO Wow... those are really nice. As expected from you ne~
Taking some~!! Thanks~ X]
Make more~ Make more~ XD

I like u r Kitayama icons! :)
Thank u for all this!

can I ask you where you got the potato scans from I think february?
the ones where the boys are holding the stars... (these:
I looked for them but somehow I couldn't find them...

Sry I was out of town, um those I got my friend to scan, if you want I can zip them up for you and upload them. If so tell me which upload site you would like.

if it was 4 pages then another friend scanned and uploaded them now =3
thanks anyway!!

*taking all of them*

hope you don't mind ^^ i will credit you properly if i use it~

i honestly died with the star shoot. <333

taking most of them and putting them up on my profile if you don't mind, will credit you of course! x3

Nice graphics. I took a few. I'll credit when used. Anyways, thanx a lot and keep up the excellent work. :D

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