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Shounen Club - 2008.01.06
Shounen Club - 2008.01.06 on SS

| 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 |

*Need HJSplit to join the files

Shounen Club - 2008.01.06 on MU

| 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 |

*Need HJSplit to join the files

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Thank you for uploading!

*flails* Your awsome thank you~! ^^

(Deleted comment)
Try now, when I edited the post the link for 002 messed up...sorry ^.^

Ne, talking of this...
I watched it yesterday...
what do you think of my son x his friends's performance (mean Kamei XD) they was great <3

Kisumai back wiz Kiss-my-me-mine that's good
but like all time Fire Beat >___<

but they looked so happy to perf <3
Nika's hair are just... prefer don't find a word for it XD

Is it me or are the boys losing touch with skating =(. It looked a little off, I think they need more songs ^.^. I think Firebeat is a good song, just um its kinda crazy dancing if you ask me. I noticed that Yokoo doesnt like stuff like that, cauz he was a little out of it. Senga went crazy though, same with Mitsu and Tai. I dont get why Nikaido is experimenting with his hair so much lol.

I LOVED Honey Rider or watever it was called, I was like "YEA KAMEI SANG!!". He has a really nice voice and so does Sanada ^.^. The perf was awesome, I hope they do a junior perf for every SC =D.

you noticed too XD *for yokoo*
I noticed that for the perf of Samurai... all Kisumai turned the head at Fire Beat style exept him XD

gosh they are the best XD I love them more and more <3
I like them since start... I hope they are going to have some fan more now...
not crazy little fangirl who tell all time they are hot-awt or all other writing of it >_<
I'm talking of person normal XD

ne last time watan said he wanted to dance more... it's what happen now =D

I dont get why Nikaido is experimenting with his hair so much lol.

My theory is that he just pissed off the wrong stylist. His hair for the last few months has been SO WEIRD. It keeps changing, but to equally strange styles. Oh, Nikaido. ♥

That would make sense lol =D but he is still loved. I do love Yokoo's hairstyle though, I love the red streaks.

thank you for uploading <3

ano... thx for uploading.
I got a tiny favor to ask anybody who has downloaded this already.
Been trying for an hour & SS doesnt let me download.
issit possible to upload to MU pls.
I'm really grateful if someone did.

ill upload it to MU when Im done school

(Deleted comment)
Oh Hasshi is so gonna shine, I can see it. He better get his own unit!!

Need to catch up on SC. Thanks a bunches!

(Deleted comment)
Not sure what it is, but the file shows up as on the server, just that the server its on is not accessible atm. Im gonna wait a little bit and see if that comes back up cauz the file is still there it hasnt been deleted >.

(Deleted comment)
thank you so much for uploading the whole show!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for the MU links. ^_^

i know im late. xD but im gna dl it now. thank you !

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