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V.Dub Tutorial =D
Virtual Dub can do a lot of things, one is basically putting files together, like getting a full ep of Shounen Club.

Open up Virtual Dub and follow the steps below to append SC parts.

Under File, click Open video file and choose SC Part 1

Once loaded under File, click Append and choose SC Part 2

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 3

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 4

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 5

Repeat previous step, under file, click append and select SC Part 6

Once you get all the files selected, under Video, select Direct stream Copy (this will save space on you comp)

Then under File, click Save as AVI

Name it accordingly (I usually save mine as Shounen Club - (date) - Theme (theme) or with SC - (date) - (theme) - Guest (guests); Long but descriptive) and you done. V Dub will save the full file and when you click on the file in your directory, look to see if its 700 MB and up, usually SC is around 700 MB but can go higher. If its really low then it means you missed a part when appending and you'll have to do it again.

Hope this is helpful to you guys.

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This is really helpful. Really.
Thank you ♥
Anyway, I thought Kisumai was super kawaii in this SC~ ^-^

If only they showed more of them T.T, the medley was awesome. Its funny how the pause between the two songs threw them off =D.

I know! There's never enough of them, really. And what's worse is no Kisumai performace next SC. Besides the usual medley and all. ): Hey! Say! has too many new songs. :P Yeah, it was a bit awkward XD But it was still great ♥

I didnt like the HSJ ending as much as I would if it were a junior ending, I mean they are not juniors anymore I dont get why SC is emphasizing more on them. Kinda like when NEWS debuted, SC for a few months kept revolving around NEWS. From everything it seems KMF2 are the new lead juniors but nuthing is confirmed yet. It would be nice if they get to MC SC along side Nakamaru and Koyama.

I hope the next SC will be as good, even if there isnt a KMF2 song T.T, Im still looking forward to some ABC. And ofcourse a sempai medley with Kisumai in it =D. And cant forget the game and stuff, the last one with Fuji was adorable, loved how annoyed he got with them ignoring him...same old Fuji.

Yeah, I really wanted a junior ending. Exactly, SC is a Junior show. I just hope they're gone by March at least. And omg I'd love to see Kisumai host! I'll get to hear Hiro's voice more~ ^-^

Yeah. I'm looking foward to Crush! XD Taisuke was really cute in this SC. He's such an attention-whore. Lol. But I love it when the Kisumai boys get picked in Junior ni Q. XD Though I can't understand everything they say, it's still nice to see them on the screen. ;)

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